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A Royal Visit is a special and exciting occasion that takes very careful planning to ensure the day runs smoothly and is successful. Each year His Majesty The King and other members of the Royal Family carry out approximately 3000 engagements.

Such engagements can include visits to schools, hospitals, factories, military units, art galleries, sheltered accommodation for elderly people, hostels for the homeless, local community projects, and other British and Commonwealth organisations. They may also attend to open events and buildings, give speeches, unveil plaques, and meet people and organisations.

The Royal Family may visit one region for an entire day and attend a range of venues.

It is the role of the Lord-Lieutenant to host His Majesty The King or members of the Royal Family when they visit.

Requesting a Royal Visit

There are thousands of requests sent to the Royal family each year to ask for a Royal visit, and each invitation is given careful consideration.

A member of the public may send an invitation directly to the Household of the Royal family member they wish to attend. It is more appropriate for the invitation to be sent to the Household from the Lord-Lieutenant. Please contact the Clerk to the Lieutenancy's Office if you are planning an event at which you are seeking the presence of a member of the Royal family.

The Lord-Lieutenant considers all invitations received so it is important that invitations include full details of the event with some background information to assist with the process. The Lord-Lieutenant, if he believes the event would be appropriate for a Royal visit, sends an invite direct to a specific member of the Royal Household.

It is important that invitations are sent as early as possible, with a minimum of 6 months before the date of the intended Royal visit.

The Royal Household responds to all invitations. If they are unable to accept, it is possible that the invitations could be sent to another member of the Royal Family as suggested by the Lieutenancy Office.

If an acceptance is issued it will be sent directly to the applicant, and the Royal Household will also inform the Lord-Lieutenant. It is essential the planned Royal visit is kept confidential until the programme is finalised.

The Lieutenancy Office will then be able to offer advice and guidance on the planning process to ensure the visit is as successful as it can be.

Visits by the Lord-Lieutenant

The Lord-Lieutenant, as the representative of The King, attends a wide range of events and ceremonies every year. The range of events attended by the Lord-Lieutenant includes voluntary and charity initiatives, award ceremonies and community functions of local significance as well as smaller, less formal events.

Requesting a Visit of the Lord-Lieutenant

If you would like to request a visit by the Lord-Lieutenant, please email the Clerk to the Lieutenancy. 

Guidance on receiving the Lord-Lieutenant can be found here.